THROUGH THE FIRE: Linda Fields’ Testimony


Linda Fields is On Fire. Her new book, GOD’S FLAME RISING, burns with purpose, and as you open these pages the words are flames that ignite you. Catch this fire and you’ll light up the world. This book is a workshop on fire to inspire. It equips for impact to catalyze you for your God-given, eternal calling. Linda cares for your journey—her book helps to unlock the blueprints, assignments, and road maps already ordained for you. She’ll spark your God-dreams and fan the flame of your destiny. 

She’ll walk you through and cheer you on. You’ll come unstuck. You’ll find wings. Your passion will rise again—you’ll GO as a burning one—a man or woman on fire—to set ablaze the world. Work the questions and glean from the testimonials and powerful encouragement. When you finish, you’ll have marching orders. She’ll take you through as a high-caliber coach and catalyst equipper. Get ready to burn with all the Lord has burned into your heart for His glory.


Looking back, it’s easy to see how Linda understands firsthand what it is to be underestimated, overwhelmed and the underdog in life and business.  She went from wearing hand-me-downs as a preacher’s kid to giving people a hand up in life and business over the years.

Her first job was selling movie tickets at the Rio Theatre in Wharton, Texas at 16 years of age. She loved greeting the people and learning to balance the books at the end of her shift. Linda’s Mom loved business and instilled a healthy work ethic with love for all things office even as a child. Even though the family had struggles with getting Linda’s Mom through bouts of depression, the love for each other held the family together and helped them overcome times of challenge all while keeping up appearances as the preacher’s family.


Perhaps knowing what it is to struggle, to survive a fire that tried to snuff out Linda’s very life, learning to walk again after an explosion of the hot water heater which had been leaking through the night  where her Dad unwittingly struck the match, and going on to become successful in business is what gave Linda the passion and determination to overcome problems and step into success God’s way.


While in College Linda and Rick married and rented a trailer with an orange linoleum floor which Linda thought was beautiful 🙂 The first night in their home after unloading a small uHaul trailer, the newlyweds went on to cook dinner and eat on china the first night.  This was the start of a new chapter of excelling in everything they did, including their business studies. They both finished business degrees and Linda graduated college and began teaching from the other side of the desk at 22 while starting her MBA. Each season brought new lessons and the newly weds soon found their next adventure in owning and running the Field House, a college town sporting goods store. Since their employees were just a couple years younger than Rick and Linda, they all became like family;  Rick and Linda often brought the team home with them for dinner and they simply did life together.  Contradicting what the textbooks said about keeping work and personal life separate, Rick and Linda stumbled into what later would be called marketplace ministry where God showed up at work. Little did they know this would become an anthem over their way of doing life and leading others in the same way helping many sons and daughters to walk in their callings and destiny in the seasons of teaching, training, business, ministry, and ON FIRE living.

One of the things that attracts men and women to learn from Linda is the real life element of life stories, sharing the hard along with the good, and giving a hand up to those ready to learn, hungry for mentors, and searching for practical steps forward to live a life that matters eternally.

A little more… I’ll never forget, says Joan Hutter, when Linda came to minister at a marketplace conference we hosted in Charlottesville, VA. With deep prophetic encouragement and genuine care, she prayed over every individual and her journey. The Holy Spirit was so present and lives were set on fire with purpose and passion. Linda invites you to risk, to step out in faith, to launch into the deep, to cast your nets on the other side, to consider who He has called you to be and all the gifts He has imparted, to step into all you are with abandon yet clarity, with renewed vision and the power of Jesus. This book is just like Linda running alongside you, celebrating who you are, who He made you to be, asking the clarifying questions, and cheering you on as you run the course set before you—with a heart On Fire. Settle for nothing less than a burning heart. Linda came through the fire; she knows the way; she’s a burning one and she’ll call you to live a life on fire. 

Go for it.


Stop Dreaming of a Life On Fire


It’s not just another book, it’s a holy experience. Be part of our God’s Flame Rising Masterclass!

Masterclass Opens October 9, 2023!

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If you have ever dreamed of living a life ON FIRE – full of God’s presence and direction in your personal and professional pursuits – GOD’S FLAME RISING will show you the way.  Get ready to take your place in the ON FIRE movement to celebrate, validate, and activate your calling! 


If you have ever dreamed of living a life ON FIRE – full of God’s presence and direction in your personal and professional pursuits – GOD’S FLAME RISING will show you the way.  Get ready to take your place in the ON FIRE movement to celebrate, validate, and activate your calling!