If you have ever dreamed of living a life ON FIRE – full of God’s presence and direction in your personal and professional pursuits – GOD’S FLAME RISING will show you the way.  Get ready to take your place in the ON FIRE movement to celebrate, validate, and activate your calling! 

Linda Field came from an unlikely past to inspire people to experience God’s purpose…with results that have spread like wildfire.  After thousands of hours consulting business owners, corporate leaders, and pastor, plus over 30 years teaching business on the university/college level, Linda has compiled a system packed with strategies for you to implement right away, providing answers to spiritual questions and revealing the path to success God’s way.


God’s Flame Rising includes inspiring true stories, action steps of success, and priceless lessons from her own battle to survive a life-threatening fire as a teenager to live On Fire rather than living Burned.  God’s Flame Rising is a comprehensive program to:

Stop Dreaming of a Life On Fire


It’s not just another book, it’s a holy experience. Be part of our God’s Flame Rising Masterclass!

A quick glimpse at God’s Flame Rising MasterClass